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 2024 Speakers

Jim Cobb (1)_edited.jpg

Jim Cobb - Author, Editor & Speaker

Jim Cobb is a nationally recognized authority on disaster readiness.

He's the Editor in Chief for Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods

Survival Guide magazines, as well as the author of several books. Jim

was a featured instructor for the Make Ready to Survive video series

from Panteao Productions and he's had multiple TV appearances. He's a passionate advocate for disaster planning and is known for his down to Earth, realistic, practical approach.

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DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper is the Bestselling author of the apocalypse. Check out her latest series of books "Chaos."
It all started with the Dystopia series of books she released in late 2014. A strong desire to learn more led her back to school in hopes of gaining more perspective on the craft and the industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Marketing, and is currently, a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying for her Master of Fine Arts in English/Creative writing with a concentration in teaching.

She studied Graphic Design and designs book covers, format books, and creates logos and graphics as well through Dauntless Cover Design.
Writing the apocalypse is a passion and as a prominent figure in the preparedness community with Thrive Self-Reliance Initiative,
where she works to bring knowledge of preparedness and sustainable living through varied forms of media.


Pete Robertucci


Hailing from Central Florida, Pete divides his days between the Sunshine State and the serene Northwoods of Wisconsin, where he resides with his wife, Melissa, and their daughter. Pete’s passion for the outdoors shines through in his love for activities such as fishing, hunting, mountain biking, and, of course, writing.

Pete Robertucci is an American author who is best known for creating the Sierra Hotel Tango Foxtrot Post-Apocalyptic series (SHTF). Apart from his work in fiction, Pete also finds pleasure in crafting blogs and survival manuals.

In the early stages of his life, Pete embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing an electrical contracting firm. He quickly rose to prominence as a subcontractor working closely with companies in and around Kennedy Space Center. Eventually, he made the decision to sell his business and transitioned into a career in firefighting. Amidst all these endeavors, Pete also owned and operated a tactical firearms training company, which is now known as Tradecraft – Daytona.

David Jones.jpg

David Jones - Retired Special Agent 

David Jones is a retired Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). During his career, he conducted hundreds of criminal investigations, counterintelligence, and anti-terrorism operations across the globe. His final assignment was as the Superintendent of the United States Air Force Special Investigations Academy Detachment 1. With eight deployments to the Middle East and serving several years in Europe, his writing is shaped by his vast real-world experience. Since retirement from the Air Force, David has served as a Wisconsin Chief of Police, a University Criminal Justice Program Chair, An Emergency Manager for the University of Wisconsin and the author of several law enforcement training articles and novels.

David is a public speaker specializing in topics from Police Response to Active Shooter situations and issues involving combat veterans. He resides near Appleton, Wisconsin, and continues to serve his community as a volunteer firefighter.

David holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and was the Magnus Graduate at the National Law Enforcement Command and Staff College.


Bill Stormfeather is a former US Marine and current U.S Army Soldier with a background in private security contracting. Bill has over 30 years of military experience which he uses to consult popular survival television series. As a lifelong prepper and survivalist he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. 

Bill Stormfeather - Current U.S Army 


If a crisis occurred and you called 911, but no one was coming, would you be able to manage? If a lockdown was put in place, could you render care to yourself or loved ones? Would you have the supplies or knowledge to know what to do? Lynn Kramer, RN, covers these topics and more. She shares survival resources that help you think and prepare how to best meet the needs of your household and others that you may be responsible for.

Topics covered include putting together a medical kit, improvising in a grave situation, essential OTC medicines to have on hand, herbal/natural remedies and where to get medical training (CPR/First Aid).

Lynn Kramer - Retired RN &

Serious Prepper

WI Prepper Expo Class Outline.jpg

Steve Paske

● 8+ Year Marine Corps Vet (Jul ‘80- Nov ‘88)
● Marine Security Guard School (‘83)
● Nucleal, Biological, Chemical Warfare School
● SERE School (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)
● 8-time Rifle and 5-time Pistol Expert
● Lifelong Hunter and Fisherman
○ Bowhunter
■ Recurve
■ Compound
■ Crossbow
○ Ice Fishing
○ Soft water Fishing
■ Lakes
■ Rivers
■ Streams

Steve started We the People-Sauk County, LLC in September of 2021 in response to COVID. Soon figured out that the government would not be there to help us when needed and there needed to be a back-up plan if/when the SHTF.
Started what we call our Live Local group. We inventoried KSAs of our members, then started teaching skills to group members to add to their capabilities.

Steve Will Be Presenting On: 

●    Group genesis
●    Leadership
●    KSA inventory, what to do/ not do
●    Survey of membership for skills classes

Cover what classes we have held over the past two years, some of which are:
 Back-up Power
■    Solar
●    12v Systems
■    Generator
●    Duel/Triple Fuel
●    Tie in to Panel or not to tie in

○    Back-up Comm
■    HAM
●    Cost/Benefit
■    GMRS
●    Duplex Tx
●    Simplex Tx
■    FRS
■    EMPs

○    Back-up water
■    Sources
■    Storage Methods

○    Medical
■    First Aid
■    Emergency
■    Kit/s

○    Security
■    Personal
■    Property
■    Equipment
■    Exercises/Audits

○    Firearms
■    Safety
■    Different Types and Uses
●    Considerations
■    Practice
■    Proficiency

■    Locating now/then
■    Security
■    Storage Options


Rory Scoles - Serious Prepper

Rory Scoles moved out onto a remote 40-acre parcel in Northeast Minnesota 18 years ago with his then young family and began to homestead like the apocalypse had already happened. His experiences include building remote cabins with hand tools only and minimum imported materials, becoming proficient at traditional calorie rich food skills such as sugar making, Wild ricing and processing, practical small-scale farming and animal husbandry, hunting, trapping, unassisted homebirths, wilderness travel and traversing and more.

His Talk: Beyond Collapse & Calamity. What 18 years of remote, off grid living has illuminated for me and my family. Tools and tips on how to analyze your current living situation for life after SHTF, how to start transitioning to a more independent, land-based way of life and how doing so will enrich your life, feed your soul, and make you resilient and healthy. Q&A and 15-minute skill share at the end.

Jessica Arno.jpg

Jessica Arno - Combat Midwife

Jessica has been affectionately dubbed: “The Combat Midwife” by the over 50,000 US Army combat medics, flight medics and SOF medics she has taught. She’s a Midwife, Paramedic, & EMS educator who has a passion for Ob-Gyn and pediatric emergencies. Jessica has been instructing classes for Midwives, EMS and the Military and she has written for EMS World Magazine regarding Ob-Gyn emergencies on how to navigate the out of hospital birth transfer. Get ready for some tips and tricks for reducing anxiety and setting yourself and your patients up for success during out of hospital births and transfers!

"Surviving Womanhood: Essential Skills for the

Post-Apocalyptic Era" 

Step into the high-stakes world of prehospital obstetric emergencies with Jessica, The Combat Midwife, in this dynamic all-day workshop designed for women's preparedness in austere, grid-down, SHTF environments. 


In the first segment, explore the enigmatic world of women's health with "Lady Curiosities," a gripping course that delves into the complexities of menstrual cycles, sexual assault, and the myriad challenges women face in grid-down scenarios. From combating pesky infections like yeast, UTIs, and bacterial vaginosis, to navigating misbehaving uteri and addressing sensitive issues like female sexual assault and birth control in a post-apocalyptic environment, this class equips participants with the knowledge to thrive in any scenario. Join Jessica as she empowers you to confront curious lady challenges and emergencies with confidence and resilience, preparing you for the unpredictable world beyond.



Next, prepare to confidently handle pre-hospital uncomplicated field deliveries in a comprehensive class led by Jessica. Learn essential protocols and techniques for assisting mothers during childbirth, from delivery to postpartum care. Get answers to common questions about hand placement, physiological transitions of babies, and placenta management. Jessica covers all these topics and more, ensuring participants are ready to “catch” in any situation.


Finally, Jessica delves into the most daunting scenarios encountered during birth, covering breech births, limb presentations, cord complications, shoulder dystocia, and postpartum hemorrhage. Through case studies, practical insights, and evidence-based strategies, participants will gain a deeper understanding of SHTF OB emergencies, emerging better prepared to deliver effective care when every second counts. Join us for an engaging and informative session that empowers you to face these "When the $*!# Hits the Fan!" emergencies head-on, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and baby.

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This year's WI Prepper Expo is honored to host a variety of interesting speakers. These folks are taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with us over the course of the three day weekend. 

Each speaker is unique so no talk is going to sound the same or likely even be on the same topic. Some speakers will be sharing stories, advice and skills while others may be talking about a recent book they wrote or simply offering a Q+A session on their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in speaking at this year's event fill out the form below. We are interested in any prepper related topics such as hunting, navigation, CBRN response, gun maintenance, etc. 

*Please Note* Hate speech, bullying, or degrading comments referring to topics such as political affiliation, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. If this occurs you will be escorted from the grounds immediately. This is a family friendly event where all are welcome so keep the topics clean and kind.

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